Spending part of my Saturday looking at Art Ed "stuff"
arabic iptv in usa
here's a few links to check out!

Tons pinned to my Art Ed Pinterest Board:

Hi everyone!
As we begin a new semester, I want to post this and have you read it. I'm not asking you for anything other
than to reflect on the meaning of what Hemingway wrote.
I will keep this in front of me as a guide, and I hope you will too.
Next I would like you to review the ART Room Rules on the left.
It's time folks, it's time to buckle down and try. It's time to
have some goals and work toward them. I don't want to be
a person who allows you to just "get by". With that said...let's
get this stARTed!!

Don't forget the Conference Art Show is Monday April 8th and
attendance is MANDATORY/part of your grade.

When Science and Art Collide:

LINKS to Farnum's CLASSES:
Art I & II--http://gtart1and2.wikispaces.com/
Art III & IV--http://gtart3and4.wikispaces.com/
Graphic Design 1--http://gtgd1.wikispaces.com/
Graphic Design 2--http://gtgd2.wikispaces.com/
Graphic Design 3--http://gtgd3.wikispaces.com/
Graphic Design 4--http://gtgd4.wikispaces.com/
21st Century Literacy--http://gt21stcenturyliteracy.wikispaces.com/
6th Expl--http://gtart6th.wikispaces.com/
7th Expl--http://gtart7th.wikispaces.com/
8th Expl--http://gtart8th.wikispaces.com/
FOCUS/TAG-- http://gttag.wikispaces.com/G-T+FOCUS+HOME

To work on the yearbook go to:
Job # 13040

Also...if you ever want to view my photography, that site, which
has many of our school events as well as seniors, weddings,
families and personal photos is:

Okey dokey...you need to check out some of the resources presented at a conference I attended.
Dr. Annette Lamb has a website where all the information she shared with us is posted.
go to http://www.eduscapes.com
If you click on the activate tab and then scroll down to recent updates and conference materials.
I can pretty much guarantee that you will find something to suit your program/student/needs.
Dr. Lamb has embedded links and lots of ideas. Check it out!