...yes, we do, but check this out!

Art Room Rules Refer to the Student Handbook for school-wide rules.

Use common sense when interpreting the following Art Room rules.

1. Please don't prevent me from teaching.

2. Please don't prevent others from learning.

3. Please don't speak while I am instructing the class. Raise your hand if you wish to speak, and wait for me to call on you.

4. Please don't interrupt when I am giving personal attention to another student.

5. Keep the volume of your voice down.

6. Music is great if it's low volume, or better yet, use headphones, as everyone has different tastes in music.

7. Please don't throw, toss, flick, or roll anything across the table, floor, or classroom.

8. Use classroom materials in a safe manner, and don't behave in any way that threatens harm to anyone or our equipment.

9. Keep things clean--Return classroom materials to the proper storage place--DAILY.

10. Please don't eat or have beverages around the computers.

11. Use appropriate language and keep topics school appropriate as well!